New standard for enterprise wireless network construction: 200Mbps @ Anywhere

With the rapid development of science and technology, new business scenarios will appear in manufacturing, medical care, education, office and other industries. For example, in office scenarios, the number of terminals per capita is increasing day by day, which brings more experience requirements for high-concurrency video conferencing services; in medical scenarios, real-time viewing of super-large images greatly affects the speed and experience of other services; Dropped lines, unstable transmission data, resulting in increased production time and costs.

Based on the different pain points of high-density office, multi-service mixed office, and mobile office scenarios, Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi series products, combined with future service evolution and a variety of exclusive innovative technologies, launched a wireless experience network construction standard: 200Mbps @ Anywhere. In multi-service hybrid office scenarios, on the basis of 15-channel high-definition video conferencing, VIP users can enjoy 200Mbps bandwidth anytime and anywhere; during the peak period of the conference, it can still guarantee that the maximum 50-channel video of a single AP will not freeze; and in the process of moving, Like 5G, you can enjoy the ultimate Wi-Fi experience anytime, anywhere.

Ultra-high density access

Using OFDMA & MU-MIMO joint scheduling algorithm, air interface traffic pre-aggregation, CoSR and other innovative technologies to reduce co-channel interference and improve user concurrency

Audio and video protection

With the help of multimedia intelligent scheduling, application identification and resource dynamic adjustment can be realized, and audio and video traffic can be prioritized without affecting non-audio and video servic

Seamless Coverage & Roaming

The leading smart antenna, whose signal moves with the terminal, cooperates with the exclusive AI roaming algorithm, and when the terminal moves, the AP actively guides the terminal to switch to the AP with the best signal in time through the AI algorithm. The mobile process is always full of signals, and the terminal does not drop lines and the bandwidth does not decline

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